The fastest way to create, join and query streams of data
Denormalized is serverless real-time data platform built around Kafka and Apache Pinot, the low latency columnar store built for scale.
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Effortless datasourcing
Just send us the sample events/rows. Denormalized figures out the schema for your data and creates the appropriate tables for you.
Speedy streaming analytics
Denormalized comes with PyArrow based schema inference out-of-box, it understands the semantic structure of your data effortlessly.
Built for scale
Send us the data, we take of the rest. You don't have to worry about provisioning upfront resources and managing complex data infrastructure.
Build indexes on the fly
We're built around Apache Pinot, Denormalized tables support about a dozen indexing techniques out of box.
Serverless functions
(coming soon)
Define complex transformations in python and typescript for any incoming events to a Denormalized table.